Pros And Cons Of Having a Solar Water Heater

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

solar hot waterRenewable energy technology has been generating a lot of buzz lately, as it becomes more efficient and less expensive to install. Solar hot water systems are one major application of sun-derived power, and with heating cylinders making up a large part of most households’ power bill, it’s no wonder there’s a lot of interest in it.

When making a decision about your home, especially regarding something as central as heating, it is important to make an informed decision. Doing your research and considering all the significant factors is necessary to ensure you are doing something you won’t regret.

While replacing your gas hot water in NZ with this sun-based technology can bring you great results, the technology is relatively new so getting acquainted with the facts is essential. It’s important to not only know about the technology itself, but how compatible it is with your house.

Renewable technology is a rapidly developing field and the benefits it could bring to your home are numerous. With such a big initial investment however, is it really worth the effort to replace your gas hot water system in NZ? To make the decision easier for you, Cylinder Guy has weighed up the pros and cons of this heating system. Hopefully, this will help you decide whether or not it’s the right solution for you!

How Solar Hot Water Systems Work

Solar water heating and solar heating are two different things. With solar heating, the panels will heat antifreeze fluid, which is looped into the cylinder from the roof. This heats the H2O when the power from the sun is strong enough, however, because it’s not always dependable, most systems will also have a source from the mains power. This ensures you have hot H2O available at all times.

On the other hand, solar water heating operates by directly heating the H2O that gets pumped into your home. The heating system comes in two forms: active and passive. Active systems are where pumps circulate H2O from the household mains through a series of pipes located in the panels, and this is returned into the home. This system works best in warmer climates, as you’ll stop seeing results when the temperature drops. The other type is the passive system, where a storage tank and solar collection tank work together to pump cold H2O through the solar collectors to be stored for later use. This system is better for households that have a high need for heated H2O during the day and evening.

Solar-Compatible Cylinders

The Cylinder Guy offers a range of solar-compatible cylinders – most of the high pressure cylinders we carry will work perfectly naturally. These brands include the HJ Cooper cylinder range, including the 300 Litre model, and the Rheem stainless mains pressure cylinders, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. You have a full selection of sizes, and if you have additional needs you can talk to our specialist team about them.

Solar Water Heater Pros

gas hot water nz

There are some major pros when it comes to replacing your electric or gas hot water system with solar that definitely makes it worth the consideration of outlaying the initial costs.

These systems have come a long way, and you may be surprised at how sleek and easily the technology fits into your home. With these pros in mind, be sure not to discount installing this renewable technology-based system just because of its initial cost!

Solar Water Heater Cons

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Of course, there are also some counterpoints to consider.

You should definitely keep these points in mind when making your final decision about whether you should install a solar water heater into your home.

Is A Solar Hot Water System Worth It?

To make the final decision, you will have to consider more than just general positives and negatives. Getting an expert opinion on its suitability for your home specifically is important to ensure you will not regret the decision you end up making.

The location and build of your house are important factors that will affect how suitable sun-based technology is for your home. It is best to get a professional to observe your house in order to determine the suitability.

Ultimately, it is definitely not a short-term investment, but it is a solid one. In the future, electricity prices are only going to rise as natural resources become more and more scarce. It will also become more and more necessary to consider how our choices impact the environment.

solar water heaterWith rising environmental issues due to global warming, it is important that we consider how our decisions are going to affect our planet, especially if we want to keep New Zealand clean for future generations. Thinking of alternative systems to electric or gas hot water in NZ is important for this reason.

While relying on fossil fuels has been secure in the past, as our supply continues to dwindle, it might be wise to turn to renewable sources of energy. As technology becomes more sophisticated in integrating renewable energy, using such technology instead of gas hot water in NZ can make a difference in the health of our planet.

Because of the positive impact upon both the environment and having a secure energy source in the future, it is worth considering whether you should replace your electric or gas hot water system with a solar water heater. However, as mentioned before, it is also important that you ascertain how suitable it is for your house.

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