Like you, we are now working to Level 4 protocols nationwide.

During this time our call centre and other office staff will work from home, so you can still contact us any time with questions, queries, get quotes and more. We can also perform urgent work, such as hot water cylinder replacements and repairs where there is a fault disrupting your hot water supply. 

No new or non-urgent installations will take place at Level 4. Once we are at Level 3, we will recommence our usual services. With the wellbeing of our team, and you, remaining our number one priority, we will follow stringent Health & Safety processes as recommended by the Ministry of Health. 

We will keep you updated with any changes as they happen, and feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Kia Kaha,

The Cylinder Guy


A common concern people have when purchasing a gas hot water heating system is the future of gas in New Zealand. Rest assured gas will remain a vital source of energy in New Zealand homes for many decades to come

There is a misconception that the government is  banning gas energy. This is absolutely not the case. In fact, the Climate Change Commission has noted in its policy direction for energy, industry and buildings* that access to diversity of energy options, like gas, makes Aotearoa more energy secure. The Commission has also differentiated fossil gas from other low- and zero-carbon gases and made recommendations around the reduction of fossil gases specifically.

The gas industry in New Zealand is right behind the Climate Change Commission recommendations and major gas suppliers are committed to achieving zero emissions by 2050 by using biogas, bioLPG and hydrogen. There will be a gradual transition to zero emissions and your gas connection will continue to work throughout that time.

So, if you’re thinking of connecting to gas or already connected, you can be sure that gas and LPG will continue to flow as New Zealand makes the shift to zero carbon gases.

Can I still connect to natural gas or LPG?

Yes absolutely. There has been no proposed ban on either!

Will natural gas be turned off in the near future?

No. Natural gas and LPG will continue to be delivered to connected consumers and gradually transition to new low- and zero-carbon gases. This is likely to be by 2050.

Can I buy a gas water heating system with confidence?

You sure can! You can have confidence that you’ll be able to use any new gas or LPG water heater for its expected lifetime.

The Cylinder Guy team fully supports New Zealand’s move to new low and zero carbon gases. Our modern gas water heating systems are already able to run on a blend of natural gas and renewable hydrogen gas (up to 20%) or biogas/bioLPG. This aligns with gas supplier goals and Climate Change Commission recommendations.

Learn more about the future of gas energy here.



If you’re planning to replace your hot water cylinder, now is a great time to consider where it’s placed. Your new cylinder will likely last 10 to 15 years, so you won’t get this opportunity again for a while, and it’s worth investing in finding the right spot. A lot of people are choosing to move their hot water cylinders outside and it’s not surprising given the great benefits.

1.      Get more indoor space

One of the key reasons so many people choose to move their hot water cylinder outdoors is to free up space where the cylinder once was. Removing your hot water cylinder from a cupboard indoors means there is now an entire cupboard available to use, and we all know how precious that space is. The old hot water cupboard could become your new cloffice (closet office), hobby cupboard, linen cupboard or coatroom. You’re only limited by your imagination!

2.      You can get a bigger cylinder

Moving the hot water cylinder outdoors means there’s no limitation on how big the hot water cylinder can be. A larger hot water cylinder allows you to have more hot water on hand when you need it. Perfect if there are more people in the house. Large cylinders are especially good if you’re looking to lower your hot water heating costs. A large cylinder could be timed to heat once a day to make the most of a solar PV system or off-peak power pricing.

3.      It’s easy to add a heat pump

If you’re getting one of our ultra-efficient heat pump hot water heaters, or thinking about adding one later, you’ll want to consider your cylinder placement carefully. The most efficient option is to place your cylinder adjacent to the heat pump inverter, which must sit outside.

4.      The hot water cupboard is a thing of the past

Modern hot water cylinders are so well insulated that they don’t let out enough heat to warm a cupboard. The idea of a hot water cupboard, where you could dry your shoes or your damp washing, is now nothing more than a distant memory.

5.      Do it because you can!

Rest assured outdoor hot water cylinders are extremely well insulated. The Cylinder Guy stocks a range of modern outdoor cylinders that minimise heat loss and make them suitable for outside use even in colder climates.


Gas water heating has become very popular lately, especially continuous flow systems which deliver endless, mains pressure hot water without the need for a large cylinder inside the house.

There are three types of typical gas water heaters used for residential water heating.

1. LPG continuous flow: If you don’t have Natural Gas at the house then this is a good alternative to achieve mains pressure water heating. Like the Natural Gas option, this also provides you with endless, high pressure hot water for less running than a mains pressure cylinder by about 15%. This option is ideal for situations where there might be intermittent demand for hot water such as at a beach house or holiday home. One benefit of continuous flow water heating is that you’re only heating on demand and so when you happen to be away, there is no power being lost as with conventional electric storage cylinders. Our total installation package is a turnkey solution which includes removal of the old cylinder, new electrical connection, gas fitting, plumbing, auto-change-over regulator etc. We even arrange for the LPG bottle delivery for you! Contact

LPG continuous

2. Natural Gas continuous flow: If you have mains gas already connected to the house from the street then this is a great option for your water heating. Not only will it give you the benefit of full mains pressure, but you’ll enjoy endless hot water so no worries about running out! You will see the benefits of a reduced energy bill since Natural Gas is about 30-40% more energy efficient than a standard electric water cylinder. Finally, you will also free up space inside the house which could be utilised for storage etc. If you are replacing an old, indoor gas cylinder and wish to go to an outdoor califont or continuous flow system, then you will need to locate where your gas meter is on the property as this will have a direct impact on the cost of installing continuous flow. Basically if your gas meter (typically a white box) is too far away from where you wish to locate the califont, then it may be more practical to stay with a cylinder. This is due to the fact that we have to upsize the gas pipe from the meter to the continuous flow unit in order to feed it a higher volume of gas and so the further the distance, the higher the cost to install. This option requires an electrical connection to be installed outside for the ignition. We take care of this and also removing your old cylinder all within one fixed price.

Natural Gas storage cylinders

3. Natural Gas storage cylinders: These can be used inside or outside and have the added benefit of not needing and electrical connection as they have a built-in pilot light for ignition. This means you will still have hot water even if there is a power outage which is always a welcomed relief. These cylinders are becoming less popular due to the cost, the space they take up, and the fact they still have some heat loss as with any storage cylinder. They are however a good option if your gas meter is not conveniently positioned to upgrade to continuous flow. Call one of our consultants today to find out if this the best option for you.

The Cylinder Guy is proud to celebrate having just reached more than 300 authenticated reviews from our past clients on, with a 97% approval rating from out satisfied customers! Its proof of our ability to provide fast, affordable and durable hot water solutions for homes and businesses all across New Zealand.

Don’t take our word for it! Check out some of the rave reviews on our No Cowboys ratings page. Here are a few of the reviews:

“Firstly, I was stoked with the prompt reply I received from my 1st inquiry, I was given a detailed email of a range of products, my husband and I were able to look through and decide what was right for our family.

As soon as we had chosen the cylinder and emailed Tony, it was all go. Our cylinder was then installed that Friday and we had hot water by the time I got home from work.

Thank you for the amazing service and we are really happy with our cylinder, I’m glad we went up to the bigger size.” Monique (100% approval)

“We just wanted to compliment Craig and the team for all their help and advice, leading to the installation of our Rheem cylinder- we have been delighted with the service: so prompt, efficient and thorough, commencing from our first enquiry to the completion of the installation. Nothing was too much trouble!

We are pleased with the efficiency of our new cylinder, compared to our previous one of 23 years!

We have no hesitation in recommending “The Cylinder Guy”. – Susan and Richard (100% approval)


“Initial contact with was excellent, Dean the plumber attended on time and completed the work within fast and efficiently. He was tidy and left contact details should we need any other assistance. Overall very professional job, totally satisfied.” – Dave (98% approval)


We love what we are hearing back from our customers! We are proud to have delivered such a satisfactory service to so many New Zealand residents and are eager to continue helping more people long into the future.

If you have any hot water problems and need help selecting and installing a new cylinder – head to our website today!

Having access to hot water is an essential element of any household. You need it to cook, clean, take a shower – and plenty of other things. Because your access to hot water is important to you, it only makes sense that you’d want to select the most reputable installer you can find.

Having an installer you can trust to secure your hot water is vital and saves you a lot of hassle down the road. You don’t want to be caught up in a crisis because your system wasn’t installed properly. A failure in your hot water system can cause all kinds of trouble, so make sure you’re happy with your choice of installer before you have any permanent work done.

The following are a few points you should consider before you select your hot water installer.


Experience is always an important factor to consider when having something installed in your home. What’s most important is making sure that your chosen installer is properly qualified and well-equipped to do the job.

Don’t be afraid to ask qualifying questions, even if it’s just to test their knowledge, as a true professional will be happy to answer them for you.


Hot Water Cylinder MaintenanceTransparency and honesty are attributes that are extremely valuable when choosing any kind of service provider. Make sure you choose a company that lays out the facts clearly and concisely without trying to mislead you or change the topic.

If the installer isn’t being clear or answering your questions properly, it’s probably best not to go with them. Having someone who is straightforward and to the point can save a lot of stress and frustration down the line.

This is particularly true when discussing costs. Some companies are purposefully vague in order to conceal their hidden costs. Finding someone who is transparent about pricing can make budgeting much easier for you.


As your service provider, the company who installs your heating system should be able to answer questions or concerns you have about the installation process or their product.

It’s understandable that you’d want detailed information about what’s going into your home and the installer should be eager to address any concerns you have.

Range of products

If you have a particular type of product in mind, it’s important that you check out the range offered by your installer to ensure that it or a suitable alternative is available.

It’s a good idea to do some research on the products they provide and gain an understanding of where they stand in the market.

Guaranteed satisfaction

If your hot water installer has guaranteed satisfaction for their workmanship, it can save you a lot of stress. Having that guarantee lets you know that they are confident in their quality of work.

This gives you peace of mind, especially knowing that if problems do arise, you can simply call them to sort things out. Looking at past testimonials and reviews is a great way to discern if the installer is reliable or not.

Here at The Cylinder Guy, we almost exclusively recommend and install the Rheem and Rinnai stainless cylinders as they do not require the sacrificial anode used in vitreous enamel cylinders. This means you don’t have to remember every 5 years to change the anode, as nobody really does, so you have the best, maintenance-free, long lasting cylinder available today.


Hot water systems are essential to your everyday life, so it is important that you maintain them well. We rely on hot water systems for comfortable showers, cooking our meals and washing – all activities that are hard to go a day without.

Taking good care of your hot water system can save you a lot of stress in the long term as it can help prevent issues from arising when you aren’t equipped to deal with them.

There’s never a convenient time for your hot water system to break down, so proper maintenance is always essential. Taking preventative measures, such as the ones below, can help give you some peace of mind.

Keeping tabs on your sacrificial anode

Most hot water systems will have a sacrificial anode, which is a metal rod constructed from aluminum or magnesium, with a layer of zinc.

A sacrificial anode protects your hot water system by attracting any impurities in the tank water so that any reaction and rusting is directed towards the metal rod rather than the inside of the tank.

Having a sacrificial anode greatly increases the life and functionality of your hot water system, so it’s important that you remember to replace it.

On average, your sacrificial anode should be replaced once every 5 years and remembering to do this simple bit of maintenance can extend the life of your hot water tank significantly.

Checking up on the temperature and relief valves

The temperature and relief values are safety measures for your hot water tank. These valves will automatically vent hot water from your tank if the internal pressure or temperature is getting too high.

Having a precautionary measure like this is incredibly important as your tank could potentially explode (yes, explode) from too much internal pressure or heat expansion. These valves act as an emergency measure to prevent the worst from taking place.

Your temperature and relief valves should be checked every six months, although you should always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions just to be safe.

How to check your valves:

You can check that these valves are in working condition yourself by testing the flow of water from your valve. Lifting the valve handle should expel hot water from the pipe, while closing it should stop the flow of water.

The water expelled should be very hot, so it is essential you are wearing the appropriate clothing for your protection. Hold the end of the pipe away from you, and wear closed shoes and gloves.

If it doesn’t seem like the valves in your hot water system are working as they should, you should call your plumber for a closer inspection. These components should also be replaced around every two years.

Call your plumber for a checkup

timaru-beach-nzCalling your plumber for a regular checkup is the best way to ensure the maintenance of your hot water system. The replacement of your sacrificial anode and valves shouldn’t be attempted on your own and is best left to an experienced professional.

Hiring a plumber to perform a routine check-up will ensure that everything is operating as it should so you can enjoy hot water all-year-round!

In an act of social giving, New Zealand’s leading hot water cylinder specialist, The Cylinder Guy, has taken action in becoming a rescue partner for Child Rescue to help in the rescue and restoration of children from sexual exploitation.

“We are pleased to be able to support Child Rescue, which provides a very valuable and important service,” says The Cylinder Guy’s Managing Director, Chris Rankin, of Tauranga.

Child Rescue is an internationally recognised Christian non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing children trapped in the sex trade. Its goal is to rescue the sexually exploited and enslaved, restore the abused, protect the vulnerable, empower the poor and be a voice for those who can’t speak up for themselves.

Child Rescue currently operates various programs in Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, Dominican Republic and India.

Since 2011, Child Rescue has courageously rescued over 2300 children who had been terribly enslaved around the world. Through various prevention programs it also helped hundreds more from entering the sex trade and have sought justice for those who have been wronged. “We are proud to be supporting their amazing work, it’s nothing short of life-changing,” adds Chris.

“We hope that others get behind this non-profit organisation. A big or small donation can help transform a life and further the important work of Child Rescue,” comments Chris.

Media PA’s Social Giving is something which sees others benefit from the generosity of businesses. Social Giving is something that everyone can get on board with.

The Cylinder Guy has been the first choice of New Zealanders for affordable and quality service for all things relating to water heating. Enjoying a 97% happy rating on the consumer review site, No Cowboys, The Cylinder Guy has many satisfied clients nationwide.

For reasonably priced, superior and efficient services for hot water cylinders, gas water heating, heat pump water heating sales and installation, The Cylinder Guy offers you reliable and quality service when you need it most.

Are you looking to cut your power bill and reduce wasted water? For reasonably priced, superior and efficient services for hot water cylinders, gas water heating, heat pump water heating sales and installation, The Cylinder Guy offers you reliable and quality service when you need it most.

Ideal for home owners, property managers, landlords, renovators and builders nationwide, at The Cylinder Guy we utilise the latest in technology and hot water cylinder know how to provide you premier service at a lightning pace.

At The Cylinder Guy all our staff have an unparalleled commitment to fantastic customer service. We have a won business of the month with No Cowboys and a customer service award from Auckland Business.

Don’t just take our word for it. We worked hard to earn a 97% happy rating on the consumer review site No Cowboys, from many satisfied clients nationwide. We’re a company committed to always delivering our customers with an expert service that ensures a rapid and predictable outcome.

Our team of hot water specialists are experienced with all brands of hot water cylinders. We are happy to give you our qualified advice on mains pressure hot water cylinder, low pressure cylinder, gas water heating, outdoor hot water cylinders, solar hot water cylinders, wetback hot water cylinders and hot water heat pumps. We can help to correctly size the cylinder to suit your home and lifestyle.

At The Cylinder Guy we understand the money worries that can come along with replacing or buying a new hot water cylinder. We can give you peace of mind with your budget with our fixed price quotes and best price guarantee.  Send us a current quote for the same cylinder installed as ours and we will better it!

At The Cylinder Guy we will ensure that you are getting the most out of your hot water cylinder and will guide you through the options available to you. So take your first step in cutting your power bill by choosing an efficient and reliable hot water system from the hot water cylinder experts, The Cylinder Guy.

Always the first consideration when searching advice and solutions for Water Heating systems is who to call? The Cylinder Guy is the number one expert when it comes to all things hot water.

“We offer affordable, superior and efficient services for hot water cylinders, gas water heating, heat pump water heating sales and installation,” says Chris Rankin, Managing Director of The Cylinder Guy.

Boasting more than 10 years of experience in a competitive industry,  The  Cylinder Guy will offer all the options, different price ranges and unrivalled advice on the benefits of each option.

The second consideration will be to assess the best brand option. Although there are many different brands it often pays to stick with the most popular. The two leading manufacturers are Rheem and Rinnai who have a big reputation when it comes to hot water heating.

Some companies that install these products have a devotion to one brand or the other which can drive prices higher. “Send us your current quote for the same cylinder installed as ours and we will always better it,” says Rankin.

The third consideration will be whether to take the cheap and easy option which will incur a smaller cost in the short term but will inevitably cost more in the long run resulting from inefficiency or when the system fails.

The option which The Cylinder Guy would recommend would be to buy a heat pump water heater which works in a similar fashion to the way that air heat pumps warm up a room.

Heat pump water heaters can save you up to 65% off your current hot water heating bill.

An Aquafire hot water heat pump installed by The Cylinder Guy