Upgrade to Gas Water Heating

Friday, May 15th, 2020

Gas water heating has become very popular lately, especially continuous flow systems which deliver endless, mains pressure hot water without the need for a large cylinder inside the house.

There are three types of typical gas water heaters used for residential water heating.

1. LPG continuous flow: If you don’t have Natural Gas at the house then this is a good alternative to achieve mains pressure water heating. Like the Natural Gas option, this also provides you with endless, high pressure hot water for less running than a mains pressure cylinder by about 15%. This option is ideal for situations where there might be intermittent demand for hot water such as at a beach house or holiday home. One benefit of continuous flow water heating is that you’re only heating on demand and so when you happen to be away, there is no power being lost as with conventional electric storage cylinders. Our total installation package is a turnkey solution which includes removal of the old cylinder, new electrical connection, gas fitting, plumbing, auto-change-over regulator etc. We even arrange for the LPG bottle delivery for you! Contact

LPG continuous

2. Natural Gas continuous flow: If you have mains gas already connected to the house from the street then this is a great option for your water heating. Not only will it give you the benefit of full mains pressure, but you’ll enjoy endless hot water so no worries about running out! You will see the benefits of a reduced energy bill since Natural Gas is about 30-40% more energy efficient than a standard electric water cylinder. Finally, you will also free up space inside the house which could be utilised for storage etc. If you are replacing an old, indoor gas cylinder and wish to go to an outdoor califont or continuous flow system, then you will need to locate where your gas meter is on the property as this will have a direct impact on the cost of installing continuous flow. Basically if your gas meter (typically a white box) is too far away from where you wish to locate the califont, then it may be more practical to stay with a cylinder. This is due to the fact that we have to upsize the gas pipe from the meter to the continuous flow unit in order to feed it a higher volume of gas and so the further the distance, the higher the cost to install. This option requires an electrical connection to be installed outside for the ignition. We take care of this and also removing your old cylinder all within one fixed price.

Natural Gas storage cylinders

3. Natural Gas storage cylinders: These can be used inside or outside and have the added benefit of not needing and electrical connection as they have a built-in pilot light for ignition. This means you will still have hot water even if there is a power outage which is always a welcomed relief. These cylinders are becoming less popular due to the cost, the space they take up, and the fact they still have some heat loss as with any storage cylinder. They are however a good option if your gas meter is not conveniently positioned to upgrade to continuous flow. Call one of our consultants today to find out if this the best option for you.

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