New Zealand’s leading hot water cylinder specialist, The Cylinder Guy becomes a rescue partner for Child Rescue.

Monday, May 28th, 2018

In an act of social giving, New Zealand’s leading hot water cylinder specialist, The Cylinder Guy, has taken action in becoming a rescue partner for Child Rescue to help in the rescue and restoration of children from sexual exploitation.

“We are pleased to be able to support Child Rescue, which provides a very valuable and important service,” says The Cylinder Guy’s Managing Director, Chris Rankin, of Tauranga.

Child Rescue is an internationally recognised Christian non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing children trapped in the sex trade. Its goal is to rescue the sexually exploited and enslaved, restore the abused, protect the vulnerable, empower the poor and be a voice for those who can’t speak up for themselves.

Child Rescue currently operates various programs in Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, Dominican Republic and India.

Since 2011, Child Rescue has courageously rescued over 2300 children who had been terribly enslaved around the world. Through various prevention programs it also helped hundreds more from entering the sex trade and have sought justice for those who have been wronged. “We are proud to be supporting their amazing work, it’s nothing short of life-changing,” adds Chris.

“We hope that others get behind this non-profit organisation. A big or small donation can help transform a life and further the important work of Child Rescue,” comments Chris.

Media PA’s Social Giving is something which sees others benefit from the generosity of businesses. Social Giving is something that everyone can get on board with.

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