30 May 2023

Hunson Model RT Direct Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinders: What you need to know.

Hot water cylinders play a crucial role in our daily lives, providing us with the comfort and convenience of hot water whenever we need it. However, the market for hot water cylinders is constantly evolving. One such example is the discontinuation of Hunson Model RT direct mains pressure hot water cylinders. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the discontinuation of Hunson RT cylinders and look at alternative options.


Why were Hunson hot water cylinders discontinued?

In the 1970’s when the Hunson RT hot water cylinder first came out it was revolutionary and ahead of its time. During this period most hot water cylinders were made from copper and due to the properties of copper, more suited to low pressure hot water systems. Low pressure cylinders are limited by the strength of the brazing that is applied when the copper sheet is rolled into a cylindrical tube. Modern mains pressure cylinders are made of steel and welded; as such they are able to withstand greater internal pressures because a welded metal join is stronger than a brazed copper join, thus allowing the water contained to be more highly pressurised and therefore to exit the cylinder more powerfully.

Back in the day, W. Hunt & Son Ltd saw the demand for mains pressure hot water systems and launched the Hunson RT, a hot water cylinder that was able to provide a better shower experience, but only to that one outlet.

With the development of technology, change in hot water demands this old model now no longer meets the updated standards or offer the same level of performance as current models today, and many have now come to the end of their life span. This is because modern cylinders are designed to deliver ONLY low pressure or mains pressure water, to all outlets.

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Considerations when replacing your Hunson hot water cylinder

When replacing a Hunson cylinder, it is important to recognise that there will be a change that results. Hunson cylinders are a hybrid of low and mains pressure solutions. Because Hunson cylinders deliver low pressure hot water to taps and delivers mains pressure hot water to the shower, you must choose to either increase the strength of water at the taps and maintain the same shower quality by using a mains pressure replacement model; or you must decrease the shower performance while maintaining the existing low pressure feed to taps, by replacing with a low pressure cylinder. Mains pressure replacement is typically recommended, to ensure the maintenance of the shower quality you’ve become used to and to remove risk of needing to replace the shower mixer. 


Exploring alternative options:

While Hunson hot water cylinders may no longer be available, there are numerous alternative options to consider when replacing your hot water cylinder. Here are a few popular choices:

Rheem VE MP Range:

180L – 488x1720mm with 2kW or 3kW element; 580x1166mm in 3kW only

250L – 580x1555mm in 3kW only

300L – 580x1815mm in 3kW only

Rheem SS MP Solar Ready In/Outdoor Range:

180L – 488x1770mm in 2kW or 3kW

250L – 580x1620mm in 3kW only

300L – 580x1910mm in 3kW only – pair with Reclaim CO2 Heat Pump Water Heater for industry-leading efficiency

Rinnai SS MP Range:

180L – 550x1300mm in 2kW or 3kW

250L – 550x1730mm in 2kW or 3kW

300L – 550x2045mm in 2kW or 3kW

LPG – Rheem 26L/min continuous flow water heater


Although Hunson hot water cylinders have been discontinued, there are plenty of alternative options available on the market. When replacing your hot water cylinder, consider factors such as size, energy efficiency, installation, maintenance to make an informed decision. Read our article How to choose the right cylinder for me to learn more.