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Don’t settle for anything less than #1 and go with Rinnai hot water systems!

At The Cylinder Guy, we have made sure to offer our customers nothing but the best products from the biggest names in home energy solutions. One of those big names is Rinnai and as such we sell and install Rinnai hot water systems all around New Zealand.

Rinnai hot water systems made a name for themselves in the early 90’s and gave Australia its first fully electrically powered continuous flow gas hot water systems. It was considered a big leap in household technology as now people could rest in comfort knowing that they had a hot water supply that would never run dry.

Rinnai hot water systems also include a range of single and twin element gas storage tanks, electric storage tanks and heat pump systems that are all great ways to replace existing installations.

There are also solar Rinnai hot water systems available that allow you to store and use the limitless, free and clean energy of the sun. These systems are great solutions for those who want to save money in the long-term whilst also reducing their carbon footprint.

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Nothing Less Than The Best – Rinnai Hot Water Systems

At The Cylinder Guy, we proudly resell and install Rinnai hot water systems for mains pressure with outdoor varieties as well.

Rinnai hot water products are well-known for their high quality and durability, which is why we have chosen to provide our customers with a selection of their best products.

When it comes to how you source the energy you use, it’s only natural that you want something that’s reliable and efficient in the long-term. Our Rinnai hot water systems are an excellent choice for those seeking a cost effective and durable solution that will last them a long time.

Take your pick from our range of Rinnai hot water systems!

At The Cylinder Guy we have a diverse range of Rinnai hot water products that we can also install for you. Take a look below at our range of options for mains pressure and outdoor cylinders.

Mains Pressure

Our range of stainless steel Rinnai hot water mains pressure cylinders come in 135L, 180L, 250L and 300L varieties. Being constructed with high quality duplex stainless steel and a range of beneficial features that make life easier for homeowners and installers alike, these cylinders are all great value for money.

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10-Year Warranty

All of the Rinnai hot water stainless steel cylinders we sell and install come with a 10 year limited warranty. They are also designed and engineered in NZ and the warranty comes with access to after sales support.



Each cylinder (except for the 135 L) can be easily connected to eco-friendly heating solutions like solar power or heat pumps via the additional eco inlet connection. Install first as a low pressure system and then connect to mains pressure when you are ready, without needing to buy a new cylinder.


Energy Efficiency

  • The curved element design of each Rinnai hot water cylinder works to ensure that 98% of stored water is heated
  • Inlet tubes deliver cold water to the bottom of the cylinder to avoid any mixing
  • Does not require any cylinder wraps, all Rinnai hot water cylinders meet New Zealand’s Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPs)
  • Available with smart cylinder options

Easy Installation and Maintenance

  • The lightweight stainless steel makes it easy to transport and install
  • Requires little maintenance with no sacrificial anode needed
  • The auto reset thermostat feature makes them easily convertible to a solar or heat pump system

Excellent Design

The 250 and 300 litre cylinders include the option of using a second element which cuts down recovery times, meaning that it will be less likely that you will run out of hot water.


Rinnai hot water cylinders are most suitable for:

  • Mains and low pressure
  • Indoor install
  • Most commercial and domestic needs
  • Right or left hand plumbing connections
  • Converting to a solar or heat pump system
rinnai hot water outdoor


If you don’t have a great deal of space on your property then choosing an outdoor system may be the most appropriate choice for you. Newer outdoors systems are very efficient despite being exposed to harsher elements and also come with options for solar and heat pump connections.

We sell and install the Rinnai hot water Hotflo electric range in a variety of different capacities ranging from a compact 25L system to a massive 400L cylinder. We believe that there is an outdoor tank that perfectly suits any household and it’s easy to upgrade from your old system to a superior Rinnai hot water cylinder.



10-Year Warranty

As with all other Rinnai hot water cylinders, the 80L and up HotFlo cylinder range comes with a 10 year warranty. The smaller 25L and 50L cylinders come with a 7 year warranty.



Steel tank lined with vitreous enamel for extra protection against outdoor elements. Inbuilt sacrificial anode extends the life of the cylinder.



Dual handed cylinder makes installation easier.


Temperature Control

Includes valve for pressure temperature relief and is thermostatically controlled with a safety shutoff for added peace of mind.



Cylinder can be configured for single and twin element heating options (250L and up).

Easily Maintain Your Rinnai Hot Water Cylinder

Follow these simple steps to keep your Rinnai hot water cylinder operational

Your cylinder system is naturally very important for the comfort of you and your family and this means any hiccups should come as a big concern. Luckily, Rinnai hot water systems are easy for anyone to do basic maintenance.

Take a look at some of our tips for maintaining your Rinnai hot water system.

Perform regular checks for signs of cracks or wearing

Pick a day each month to go and give a quick check of your cylinder from top to bottom. Make sure you look for any water leakage, cracks or wear.

The process only takes around 5 minutes but can save you a lot of time and money in the long run if you identify a problem early on.

Turn off the system when going on holidays

If nobody is going to be living in the home for the next few weeks, turn off your system while you’re gone so that you don’t waste electricity heating a resource you aren’t using. This is beneficial to the environment as well as your wallet!

Take a close look at the relief valve

To do this step, you’ll need to refer to your manual or simply use the internet to search for one that corresponds to your specific model of cylinder. The relief valve works to release excess pressure and is crucial for the operation of your cylinder, so you should check this at least twice a year.

Be careful of yard work around the cylinder

If your cylinder is located outdoors, then it’s already exposed to a lot of harsh elements without you accidentally bumping the unit with a lawnmower. Always take extra care with your outdoor system to avoid causing unnecessary damage in the form of abrasions and dents.

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Get a professional check-up every 5 years

Sometimes it’s best to just leave it to the professionals. You should schedule a maintenance service every 5 years or so to make sure your system is fully operational.

Enjoy The Luxury of On Demand Hot Water with Rinnai Cylinders


Rinnai hot water cylinders are built to last and are highly durable even when installed outside and exposed to the elements. This is a world recognised brand that has been adopted in countless homes around the globe, suited to different climates and rates of usage.

These systems are highly advanced and designed so that if you pick the appropriate size for your home, you won’t ever run out of hot water. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you won’t need to limit your lifestyle because of a shortage in your cylinder system.

The last thing you want, especially in the colder months, is to have to limit the amount of showers you take or washing you do because of an inefficient system. This is why you should go with Rinnai hot water when it comes to sourcing highly efficient and durable cylinder systems.

Your Total Rinnai Hot Water Cylinder solution – The Cylinder Guy

The Cylinder Guy is proud to resell and install Rinnai hot water systems for our customers all around New Zealand. We vouch for the quality of these products as experts in hot water systems and are eager to help you find a solution that will suit your home and lifestyle perfectly.

We know that every home and family is different, that’s why we have endeavoured to provide a robust range of products to suit every need. Whether you are seeking a small addition to increase your output or want to replace on older cylinder, we can help you choose the best option and get it installed for you as quickly as possible.

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