29 Apr 2024

A Comprehensive Comparison of Hot Water Heat Pumps: Reclaim, Apricus, and Ecospring 


Hot water heat pumps are revolutionising the way we heat water for our homes and businesses. They offer energy-efficient solutions that not only save money but also reduce our carbon footprint. In this blog, we'll compare three popular hot water heat pump models: Reclaim Hot Water Heat Pump, Apricus All-in-one Hot Water Heat Pump, and Ecospring HP300 Hot Water Heat Pump. We'll look at their benefits and the refrigerants they use to understand their differences better. 


Reclaim Hot Water Heat Pump 

Reclaim Energy's hot water heat pump utilises CO2 as its refrigerant, a natural and environmentally friendly choice. CO2 has a very low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and is non-toxic, making it a sustainable option. The Reclaim model is known for its high efficiency, capable of providing hot water even in cold climates. Its advanced technology ensures reliable performance, low operating costs, and can supply over 700L of hot water per day. 

Benefits of the Reclaim Hot Water Heat Pump Co2: 

  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant (CO2) 

  • High efficiency, even in cold climates 

  • Reliable performance 

  • Low operating costs 

  • High volume hot water  


Apricus All-in-one Hot Water Heat Pump R290 

Apricus' hot water heat pump uses R290, which is propane, as its refrigerant. R290 has a very low GWP and is highly energy efficient. The Apricus model is designed to be an all-in-one solution, incorporating a storage tank and pump combined into a single unit. This design saves space and simplifies installation. 

Benefits of the Apricus All-in-one Hot Water Heat Pump R290: 

  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant (R290) 

  • All-in-one design for space-saving and easy installation 

  • Highly energy efficient 


Ecospring HP300 R134a Hot Water Heat Pump 

Ecospring's hot water heat pump utilises R134a as its refrigerant. While R134a is not as environmentally friendly as CO2 or R290, it still has a lower GWP compared to traditional refrigerants like R22. The Ecospring HP300 is known for its high efficiency and reliable performance. It is designed to be compact and quiet, making it suitable for residential and commercial applications. 

Benefits of the Ecospring HP300 R134a Hot Water Heat Pump: 

  • High efficiency 

  • Reliable performance 

  • Compact and quiet design 

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In conclusion, all three hot water heat pump models offer energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for heating water. The choice between them depends on factors such as the refrigerant preference, climate, efficiency performance, space availability, and installation requirements. The Reclaim Hot Water Heat Pump stands out for its use of CO2, the Apricus All-in-one Hot Water Heat Pump for its all-in-one design, and the Ecospring HP300 for its efficiency and reliability.  

Please give us a call to discuss with our hot water specialists your specific needs and preferences. We will help you choose the best option for your home. 


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