12 Apr 2023

Gas hot water heating options in New Zealand

Gas is a popular choice for heating water in New Zealand households, for a number of reasons. If you already have a gas connection for cooking appliances, it’s easy to add gas power for hot water also. This will reduce your power bill, as no electricity is required to keep the water warm all the time – for most people, this will represent a large chunk of their daily usage. Therefore if you already have this infrastructure in place, it’s an option well worth considering. Gas hot water heating is compatible with many standard hot water cylinders, however you’ll need to talk to an expert to ensure its installed correctly – gas leaks can be dangerous.

Features Of Gas Hot Water Heating

Gas hot water has a number of features that make it an attractive option.

  • Instant heat. Gas provides instant heat, which means as soon as you turn on the tap or the shower your water is hot and ready to go. This is very desirable to those especially in houses with old pipes that can take a while to heat up.
  • Increased efficiency. In an instantaneous gas system the water is only heated when it’s needed, you aren’t wasting energy to head water that simply sits in a tank. It also means you don’t lose extra heat from the storage tank.
  • Reduced power bill. Although you will have to pay for the gas, if you’re light on hot water usage you can save a lot of money. Whereas when you heat your water through electricity, you’re trapped paying whatever rate is required to keep your water hot.

Considerations Of Gas Hot Water Heating

There are also some aspects to consider and weigh up when deciding to use gas hot water or not.

  • Gas hot water cylinders cannot be insulated as this is a fire risk, so continuous systems will lose more heat than standard systems.
  • Gas isn’t as cheap in New Zealand as it is elsewhere, so if your hot water needs are high, it may not save you money.


If you have an existing gas line, Pete and the team can fully install a gas hot water system. We work with top quality brands such as Rheem, Bosch and Rinnai, providing a system that will stand the test of time. Contact us today for a free assessment


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