05 Oct 2024

Why consider a hot water heat pump system


Here at The Cylinder Guy, we offer a range of different hot water cylinders and solutions to suit your specific requirements.  If you are looking for a hot water heating solution that is energy efficient, eco-friendly and provides long term savings, consider a hot water heat pump, it’s worth the cost! 

How hot water heat pumps work 

Hot water heat pumps are not to be confused with a heat pump home heating system. They use renewable energy from the air outside to heat your water, making them an eco-friendly and energy-efficient option. 

Hot water heat pumps use electricity to absorb heat energy from the surrounding air, transferring it to water. This is done via the compressor which concentrates the heat energy from the air using a refrigerant such as CO2 or R134a. 

Once heated the hot water is pumped to the top of the hot water cylinder and fills the cylinder top down. The heat pump will then turn off once the cylinder has reached the desired minimum temperature of approximately 60℃. 

Should I get a hot water heat pump? 

A hot water heat pump is a great solution for households with a large number of occupants or big families. Hot water heat pumps are typically installed with a large capacity storage tank, so you’ll rarely run out of hot water. With the added benefit of being energy efficient and having lower running costs that other hot water heating systems, you’ll be saving on your hot water bill in no time while enjoying a steady flow of hot water. 


Benefits of a hot water heat pump 

Upgrading to a hot water heat pump can offer several advantages. Below are some reasons why you might want to consider making the switch: 

  • Energy Efficient: Hot water heat pumps are known for their high energy efficiency. Using only a small amount of electricity to power the system.  

  • Cost Efficient: Hot water heat pumps use less energy than other hot water heating systems, being extremely energy efficient these savings will show up in your monthly bill. 

  • Environmentally friendly: Using primarily renewable, naturally occurring, thermal energy from the air to heat the water, hot water heat pumps can help reduce your carbon footprint and lower your home's greenhouse gas emissions. A hot water heat pump with a CO2 refrigerant also has a 1x global warming potential, zero ozone depletion making it an extremely environmentally friendly option. 


Overall, hot water heat pumps are a great investment if you're looking to save money long term, reduce your carbon footprint, and increase the efficiency of your hot water heating system. If you are worried about the up-front costs, New Zealand has two financial institutions, ANZ and ASB, who are helping homeowners make the switch. We also offer affordable interest free payment options through GEM Visa and Q Mastercard and the experts at The Cylinder Guy will help assist every step of the way. So why not consider making the switch today?! 


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