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Save big on your electricity bill by investing in a heat pump hot water system!

When most people think of renewable energy warming in their homes, they think of large solar panels and a special collection tank affixed to their roof. However, solar panels are not the only option when it comes to energy efficient solutions.

Using a heat pump water heater is a highly energy-efficient solution for replacing a traditional electric system. It works by absorbing hot air and using it to warm up the liquid in a manner that saves on your energy bill whilst also reducing the carbon footprint of your home.

heat pump hot water

Take advantage of the benefits of using a heat pump hot water system!

There are several major benefits to using a heat pump water heater system in your home, including:

Big energy savings after long term use

A heat pump hot water system produces between 3 to 5 times its own energy requirement

The lessened energy requirements of your home help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, making it an environmentally friendly addition to your home

A heat pump water heater is effective even at low temperatures, with an electronic assist that kicks in to make sure the desired temperature is maintained

Does not require any space on your roof or installing any cumbersome panels

Is easily installed onto existing cylinders as it uses the same connections as a traditional electric system

The primary benefit of a heat pump water heater system is that it does not directly warm the liquid like a traditional electric system would. Instead, it extracts thermal energy from the surrounding atmosphere and transfers it into your storage cylinder.

This whole process reduces the cost of cylinder warming by approximately 70% when compared with a traditional cylinder system. With up to 40% of the average electricity bill being owed to your cylinder, you stand to save a lot of money by going with a heat pump hot water system.

Heat pump hot water systems – how do they work?

A heat pump water heater works like a reverse refrigerator. It works by transferring hot air outside of the cylinder to heat the liquid within via an exchange system.

However, the system will work even in very cold conditions when the surrounding air is close to -10 degrees Celsius. This is why the systems are still popular during winter time.

The process work as follows:


The air outside the heat pump hot water system is drawn into the unit via a fan that funnels the air into an evaporator that uses a special kind of refrigerant stored in the piping. The refrigerant is NOT a Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), meaning that it doesn’t have a negative effect on the planet’s ozone layer.


The refrigerant has a boiling point for evaporation at -26 degrees Celsius, meaning that the liquid will “boil” at temperatures that feel very cold to use but are still enough to do the job. The air that is drawn inside the system, which is much warmer than the refrigerant, converts the refrigerant from a liquid into a gaseous form within the piping of the heat pump hot water system.


A compressor works to push the gaseous refrigerant through a very small valve which compresses it; resulting in a large amount of heat being generated.


An exchanger transfers the hot air from the refrigerant via gas pipes that connect to the tank where the water is contained.


As the temperature is transferred into the liquid, the refrigerant cools down very quickly so that it returns to a liquid state and can repeat the process again.

When the heat pump hot water system is turned on, a special temperature probe placed inside the middle of the storage tank senses that the temperature is rising to the set point. If there is a difference of more than 5 degrees Celsius between the recorded temperature and the set temperature, the circulation system will activate and draw liquid from the bottom of the tank and push it through the exchanger to increase its temperature and return it bank to the storage cylinder.

This process continues until the liquid within the cylinder reaches the desired temperature, which is set at a max of 60 degrees Celsius.

Highly efficient and reliable Aquafire heat pump water heaters!

The Cylinder Guy can install a high-tech Aquafire heat pump hot water system onto your existing storage cylinder!

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The Cylinder Guy proudly installs Aquafire brand systems onto new and existing cylinders all around New Zealand. We are eager to recommend Aquafire systems for their reliability and the savings they can bring to your monthly electricity bill.

If you are concerned about the current cost of running your existing cylinder, then consider going with a more cost-effective solution. It’s better to make a long term investment in something that’s sustainable, rather than enduring unnecessary costs by running an inefficient system.

The Cylinder Guy is able to install an Aquafire heat pump water heater system onto a new or existing cylinder. The Aquafire unit is able to reduce your monthly energy bill by up 30% as it is 3 times more efficient than a traditional electric system.

Take a look at some of the core features of an Aquafire heat pump hot water system:
New highly efficient double wall exchanger
Double galvanised and powder coated exterior for long lasting protection
Evaporator has blue corrosion resistant coating
Maintains a continual supply of 60 degree Celsius water
Saves up to 30% on your monthly energy bill
Works in all climates across New Zealand, down to a market leading -15 degrees Celsius
Has reliable Wilo circulator pumps and Panasonic compressors
Double wall exchanger
Very efficient defrosting mechanism that is crucial in colder climates
Uses a Heat Optimised Transfer agent (DuPont 417A refrigerant)
Intelligent control system that can be programmed 7 days in advance
Even the smallest Aquafire product uses a market leading 6kW temperature output which means shorter operational cycles, faster recovery and an overall longer lifespan
The Aquafire heat pump water heater system can be easily installed onto any existing cylinder that is newer than 1988. It can be installed inside or outside your home, as long as it sits within 9 metres of the cylinder and gets good airflow.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with a Heat Pump Water Heater System!

Enjoy hot showers all year round without feeling guilty about your energy consumption!

One of the most attractive benefits of a heat pump hot water system is that it not only saves money but is also far more environmentally friendly than traditional electric systems. The Aquafire system is 3 times more efficient than any traditional cylinder system, meaning that it uses less energy and costs less to operate.

Aquafire heat pump water heater systems use the DuPont 417A refrigerant, which is one of the most environmentally sustainable refrigerant products available. Aquafire systems are built with the best possible components to ensure that it is built to last and not end up discarded in a landfill somewhere.

heat pump water heater system
The Aquafire MatchBox models have a rare class ‘A’ rating, meaning that it will work in all climates across New Zealand
The system does not create hot energy, but simply uses a small amount of electricity to transfer ambient thermal energy to the liquid contained in the cylinder. This is why the heat pump hot water system still uses a small amount of electricity, but is much more efficient than a traditional system.
If you are some who is concerned with global warming and the impact your lifestyle has on modern energy consumption, then switching to a heat pump water heater is a great choice. You can reduce a big chunk of your overall energy consumption, especially in winter, by using a system that we can easily install for you.

With the combination of durability, reliability and efficiency, the Aquafire systems are an ideal solution for those who want to keep enjoying the same amount of hot showers without feeling guilty about their overall energy consumption.

Make a sensible, long-term investment that pays for itself!

An Aquafire heat pump hot water system is the superior way to reduce your energy costs and environmental impact.

It can deliver 1900 to 19200 litres every day

When you choose the most suitable model for your home you won’t ever run dry

The refrigerant works for the life of the system and does not need replacing

Does not ever freeze as the Controller detects when the collector is reaching freezing temperature and corrects it

It cannot overheat in summer as it is thermostatically locked at 60 degrees Celsius maximum

At an average outside temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, the system takes only about 1-2 hours to raise the liquid within the cylinder to 60 degrees Celsius.

Average domestic use of the system will mean it will pay for itself after 4 to 5 years. Heavier commercial uses can achieve payback within 12 months.

Has been adapted successfully for many other non-domestic uses, like swimming pools and glasshouses.

Buy and install your new heat pump water heater system with The Cylinder Guys! Get in touch with us to discuss whether this solution is suitable for you!