Our Hot Water Cylinder NZ Range

At The Cylinder Guy we offer a large range of hot water cylinders at NZ prices and heating solutions (as well as repair services for your existing unit).

On this page you'll find a handy guide to our hot water cylinder NZ and gas hot water cylinder range that we offer.

We aim to have the best hot water cylinder NZ prices. If you find a cheaper price for the same model we will pay you the difference - that is our unbeatable guarantee. Call us on 0800 234 800 for a free quote and to get full pricing information.

How to choose the best hot water cylinder for NZ climates

Roughly two thirds of all the hot water cylinder NZ systems are sold to replace an aging or broken unit. When your existing unit breaks down you are left without modern conveniences like hot showers and baths, so it’s only natural that you would want to find an adequate and affordable replacement as quickly as possible.

This is why we have made it our mission to provide hot water cylinders at NZ prices that won’t break the bank. Whether you are going with a gas hot water cylinder or a more traditional electric system, you can rest assured that we have you covered.

However, it’s prudent to give some thought as to which hot water cylinder in NZ is suitable for your needs. Making the right choice can mean big savings on your energy bills as well as lowering the carbon footprint of your home by a considerable amount

So, which type of unit is most appropriate for your home? There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and this is why we have such a diverse range of options for you to select from.

In the majority of cases, there will be more than one option that is suitable for your home.

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Things to consider

The best approach for choosing the correct hot water cylinder NZ system is to identify what your needs are so that you can narrow down your choices. The following are a few questions you should be asking when deciding on which unit will work best for you.

What kind of fuel do you have access to?

An important question for many homes is whether or they have access to gas. If you aren’t using a solar supported system, using natural gas can easily be the cheapest and most efficient system for you to use.

Traditional electric systems are reliable and commonplace, but they also leave more of a carbon footprint. In order to offset this, many people using electricity will use a heat pump that uses air from outside the unit to heat the water inside, rather than directly using electricity.

We sell and install heat pumps for our customers all around New Zealand.

How many litres are needed?

The amount of people living in your home and their lifestyle habits will determine the capacity and demand that you need to meet. As a general rule, smaller homes of 1 to 3 people are best served with gas hot water cylinders or heat pump systems.

Larger homes with access to gas are better served by a storage tank system.

How far will the unit be from your taps?

The design of your home is very important when deciding on hot water cylinders in NZ, not only because heat is lost as it travels via pipes but because if the taps are too far away from the source you’ll waste more water while waiting for it to warm up.

If the outlet is too far from the unit then you may need to consider some other enhancements or create a separate continuous flow system on the opposite side of your home.

What amount of space do you have?

These kinds of systems will need to take up a significant portion of space in or around your home. For example, large tank systems require a flue that will exhaust outdoors as well as drainage for any excess and a good amount of clearance on every side.

What’s your budget?

Depending on your budget you may go with a gas hot water cylinder or go with hot water cylinders at NZ prices. You might consider investing in one of our heat pump systems which are more energy efficient than traditional electric heating and will pay for themselves over time.

Scroll down to see our full range of hot water cylinder NZ products including gas hot water cylinders and heat pumps!

high pressure hot water cylinder

Stainless Mains Pressure Cylinders

In for the long haul? Most Rinnai stainless mains pressure hot water cylinders come with a 10-year warranty. This is applies to a wide range of Rinnai hot water cylinders NZ-wide. There are cylinders available in a range of sizes to suit most homes or businesses.

Other models include Peter Cocks range of the Silver Bullet hot water cylinders. Models vary from mains with wetback and solar coils. Plus Rheem’s range of mains pressure hot water cylinders

View Cylinder Guy’s full range of mains pressure cylinders

low pressure hot water cylinder nzLow Pressure Cylinders

If your circumstances require the use of a low pressure hot water cylinder, then Cylinder Guy can help you source the right model and get it installed for you.

By using a low pressure cylinder you reduce your hot water usage, saving you money.

See our range of low pressure cylinders

Gas hot water systemGas Cylinders & Water Heating

Gas hot water systems are increasingly popular for their instantaneous delivery of hot water, and reduced monthly electricity bills. If you want a total overhaul of your water heating system, then gas heating could be the option for you.

Learn more about the gas hot water systems that we offer

Outdoor hot water cylinderOutdoor Cylinders

Cylinder Guy stocks a large range of outdoor hot water cylinders – the benefit of this setup is that you can save space inside your house. New model outdoor cylinders are also far more efficient than you might think, and can be a great way to get the hot water supply you want with the smallest internal footprint possible.

See our full range of outdoor cylinders

solar hot water cylinder

Solar Hot Water Cylinders  –  Including a 10 YEAR WARRANTY!

At The Cylinder Guy we believe in the future of Solar Hot Water Heating. As such most of our range of Hot Water Cylinders are Solar ready. If you have specific requirements around solar feel free to give us a call however you will find most of our High Pressure Hot Water Cylinders will work perfectly.

See our full range of solar cylinders

Wetback Hot Water Cylinders

Wetback Hot Water Cylinders

We provide a full range of Wetback Hot Water Cylinders both Low and Mains Pressure. We can help you choose the right model for your requirements.

See our full range of wetback cylinders

Aquafire heat pump hot waterReclaim Heat Pump

Worried about the cost of running your hot water cylinder? For real savings, we recommend installing a Reclaim hot water heat pump. By installing a Reclaim hot water heat pump to your existing or new hot water cylinder, your power bill can be reduced significantly compared with an electric element.

Learn more about the Reclaim heat pump solution


Our Most Popular Hot Water Cylinder Installations


Outdoor cylinder relocatedOutdoor hot water cylinder relocation

This has recently become a very popular option for those who want to renovate their house and free up valuable space inside.

Outdoor cylinder & hot water heat pumpHeat pump installation

This a clear favourite for those wanting the most energy-efficient water heating. A very smart investment that has a massive ROI

Outdoor Rheem Natural Gas Continuous FlowOutdoor Rheem continuous flow mains water heater

A perfect option for those who want endless, mains pressure hot water without wasting money and space on a storage cylinder

Outdoor Rheem Stellar Natural Gas CylinderOutdoor Rheem Stellar Natural Gas Cylinder

This is a perfect replacement for the old ‘Vulcan Freeloader’ cylinder – no electrical required!

Outdoor LPG Continuous FlowOutdoor LPG continuous flow mains water heater

A very popular option for those who are not connected to mains Natural Gas, but still want the luxury of endless, mains pressure hot water

Indoor Rinnai Stainless Mains Pressure CylinderIndoor Rinnai mains pressure hot water cylinder

This is a high quality, stainless cylinder with a 10 year warranty and all the ‘Future-proof’ connections you could ever need

Indoor Rheem Low Pressure CylinderIndoor Rheem low pressure hot water cylinder

This is still a low-cost & popular solution for rental properties etc or for those who are quite happy with a low pressure shower

Indoor/Outdoor Rheem Mains Pressure CylinderRheem mains pressure hot water cylinder

This is our most popular cylinder by far as it is so versatile, can go inside, outside or under the house and has 10 year warranty!