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Installation includes a standard external electrical connection. If additional electrical work is required, you will be advised and any change in pricing reflected in your final quote.

In some instances, paving stones may be required to go underneath LPG bottles, this will be confirmed at time of site visit and additional charges will apply.

Strictly limited stock, offer only available while stock lasts.

Does not include any additional freight charges.

Pricing is subject to a final site visit to confirm suitability of installation and location.

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Gas Water Heating

Gas hot water systemWe Have A Wide Range Of Gas Hot Water Heating System

Gas water heating is a popular solution for Kiwi homes – especially because of that famous “instant heat” that happens as soon as you turn on the tap.

Gas water heating provides a number of benefits, including increased efficiency. If using an instantaneous system you will only be heating water when it is needed
which means no heat loss from the storage tank.

The team at Cylinder Guy can help you with all your gas water heating needs. To get a quote or more information about whether gas is right for you, ring free on 0800 234 800.

A gas water heater can feel like a lifesaver, especially in the NZ winter! There’s nothing better than coming home on a cold day (probably through the rain) and jumping into a hot, steamy shower. Before you go to work you also need to wash, and on a chilly morning nobody wants to have to rush their shower so the hot water doesn’t run out!

There are a lot of different hot water systems you can use, but we typically find that a gas water heater is very popular in NZ. The further south you go the more popular this system is, but even as far up as Auckland (or even Northland) you can really feel the benefits in the winter.

A gas water heater in NZ only heats up the water as you use it, so that you aren’t paying for a cylinder full of water to be heated constantly through the day and night. You will also get instantaneous heating your hot water won’t run out!

A gas water heater is not only more efficient than electric, in NZ it ends up being cheaper to use. Natural gas is a resource that we have ready access to, and if you have a gas line to your home then you should be able to save a fair bit by using it to heat up your water.

If you want to further exploit either the increased efficiency (and lower running costs) or instantaneous heating of a gas water heater in NZ, you can opt to use either a low or a mains pressure system.

A low pressure system will further enhance your energy efficiency by reducing the amount of water that you use (and that needs to be heated). This means that less gas is needed, and you can either save money or enjoy longer warm showers whenever you want!

A mains pressure gas califont will dramatically increase the flow of hot water through your pipes. Because a gas water heater in NZ allows instantaneous heating you don’t need to worry about running out of hot water, so you can enjoy high pressure hot showers on a cold, windy, rainy day. If some of your family are rugby players, they will definitely appreciate this luxury!

A gas water heater will also be far more environmentally friendly than many alternatives, which is very important in modern NZ. Gas power generally is also less carbon heavy than electric.

A heat pump powered water heater, of course, is both the cheapest option to run and best for the environment. In a New Zealand winter, these have proven to be very effective in heating water 2x faster 3x cheaper than an electric element – even if it’s down to -10 degrees outside! A gas water heater however, can be better suited in some cases where the budget doesn’t allow for the upfront cost of the heat pump/cylinder combo.

There are a number of other advantages to a gas water heater, particularly in NZ. Firstly, they take up far less space than a traditional boiler or cylinder tank system. If you are in an apartment building, this can be a major consideration.

Secondly, the water itself will be cleaner than if it comes out of a tank. If you have an old system, there is a chance that your cylinder is slightly rusty, especially if it predates stainless steel being used. This rust can contaminate the water. A new gas water heater in NZ will give you cleaner hot water than the alternatives.