12 Apr 2023

Electric Hot Water Cylinders

Electric hot water cylinders are the most common form of hot water heating system found in New Zealand, using an electric heating element to heat the water in the cylinder, providing a constant supply of hot water. They can be configured for mains-pressure or low-pressure setups depending on the cylinder type and hot water valves used based on household requirements.

What are the benefits?

  • Easy Shutdown. Turning off the hot water cylinder while you are away is easy, just flip the switch on the wall. Great for saving power when away on holiday.
  • Large Storage Capacity. There is always plenty of water on hand.
  • Low Upfront Costs. The upfront costs of electric hot water cylinders will come in well under other forms of water heating here in New Zealand.
  • Tried And Tested Reliability. Electric hot water cylinders have been around for many many years, the components have been refined and perfected providing excellent reliability and extended life expectancy.
  • Good Flexibility. Hot water cylinders are available for purchase with future proofing in mind. They can be solar ready, wetback ready, or suited to hot water heat pumps. Allowing for greater adaptation if/when you circumstances change or hot water demands alter. Mains pressure and low pressure options are also available.
  • External Installation. Certain types of hot water cylinders are now able to be installed outside the house, freeing up space within the home and providing easier access when servicing is needed.

What are the considerations for an electric powered hot water cylinder?

  • Slow Recovery Rates. The speed at which your hot water cylinder heats its water to temperature in an hour is referred to as its recovery rate. Electric hot water cylinders tend to have slower recovery rates than gas hot water heaters.
  • Electricity costs. It is thought hot water heating amounts to roughly a third of a household’s electricity bill. High electricity costs in New Zealand are a definite motivator for some people to look for water heating alternatives.


There are a wide range of hot water cylinders available! Contact Pete and the team today if you'd like a free assessment or explore our different hot water solutions. 


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